Welcome to Housingplus

Here at Housingplus we have the benefit of over 28 years’ experience in Tenant and Property Management to offer you. Over this time we have developed sound systems and philosophies that we are proud of. We believe this makes for an enhanced Tenant/Property Manager relationship.

We get great satisfaction out of dealing with tenants and helping them enjoy their home

We pride ourselves on building and, more importantly, sustaining good relationships with our tenants. Our properties are long term rentals and the majority of our tenants stay for more than one fixed term - some have been with us between 5 and 18 years.

While we have several one and two bedroom flats, a number of our flats are set up for large groups of flatters (4 or more). It is common for these flats to be passed from one tenant to another through word of mouth. We believe this is a testament to our approach to property management.

We feel our success is not due to any one reason but rather the result of our sound goals and practices.

Our Goals

Our Practices

Tenants are treated as valued clients

Our philosophy is for our staff to treat tenants as they would want to be treated, if they were tenants themselves.

Integrity with bond refunds

Our Tenant Information Guide has a page headed "...getting your full bond back". We actively support our tenants to help them achieve this goal.

In the unfortunate situations where a deduction is necessary we strive to ensure that our tenants believe that they've been treated fairly. The fact that we've never been taken to the Tenancy Tribunal is an indication that we are achieving this goal.

Maintenance attended to promptly & according to urgency

Maintenance is done by a small team who are all committed to our tenants' well being. We allocate their time according to the urgency of requests.


Our maintenance personnel have a proven history of trustworthiness. They become known to our tenants, providing them not only with security, but peace of mind.

The majority of our flats are fitted with a security lock. This provides tenants with assurance that past occupants of the flat do not still have keys.

Fair market rents

Each year we compare our rents very carefully with similar professionally managed properties.